The River Cafe

In the heart of Puerto Vallarta, under the bridge of Rio Cuale, is The River Café, a warm restaurant that each space invites to enjoyment. A calm refuge of soft sounds, relaxing colours and sophisticated flavours where the flow of the river accompanying the talk of diners while it reveals the secrets of good wine and good food. The Catalan vaults Bar collect the voices, laugher and the notes of the best Jazz of the city. While the dishes conquer the most demanding palates, eyes look over spaces revealing with the works of Mexican artists of great repute.

In this warm and artistic place, owners Eva and Margarito Larios have managed to combine the delights of gourmet cuisine with a special touch, where service excellence and flavours of its dishes harmony with the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds it. Come and enjoy a rich and healthy breakfast, a delicious meal or the most romantic dinner by candlelight and soft jazz music live.